In order to provide students with the positive and safe learning environment that they need and deserve, everyone at Pinelands Montessori is expected to follow a code of conduct.

  • All students and parents/persons entering the premises to be courteous, respectful and tolerant toward fellow students, staff and anyone else they come in contact with at school.
  • They are expected to use appropriate language and behaviour when dealing with other students and staff and school.
  • Students and parents/persons entering the premises must respect the rights and property of others.
  • Students and parents/persons entering the premises are expected to follow the classroom behaviour guidelines and routines.
  • Physical and verbal abuse is not tolerated at Pinelands Montessori. Any student or parents/persons entering the premises who physically harms another student, verbally abuses, or uses any form of intimidation will not be permitted to continue at Pinelands Montessori.
  • Pinelands Montessori promotes a school environment where respect, courtesy and cooperation are the cornerstones of our educational philosophy.

Pinelands Montessori is a community of students, teachers, administrative staff and parents whose common goal is to provide the best education to every student in a positive, encouraging and safe environment. Only in a positive and nurturing environment can a student achieve their full potential.

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