Do's & Don'ts

To ease your child’s integration, a list of things to Do and Avoid

  • DO feel free to make an appointment to meet us after school if you wish to discuss anything with your child’s Directress.
  • DO make an appointment to spend a morning with us to formally observe the school in progress (open for observation from March onwards)
  • DO assist whenever you are able (by responding to teachers’ request)
  • DO feel free to give the directress a note or a call it you have any suggestions, praise or problems
  • DO use the parent folder system for notes, invitations etc. and to receive information
  • DO pay fees as stipulated
  • DO inform us if you are not picking up your child yourself after school
  • DO be sensitive to the children and teachers working if you unavoidably arrive late
  • ALWAYS remember the school is a ‘children’s house’ between 7:15-12:15.
  • DO AVOID discussing your child with another adult in front of your child
  • DO AVOID having adult conversations with other parents or teachers inside the school or at the door in the morning and afternoons
  • DO watch younger siblings when at the school, in terms of their disturbing our prepared environment and also for their own safety
  • DO make use of our ad-hoc aftercare or Full day enrolment if you are unable to pick up your child at the allocated dismissal times

    12:00 - Toddlers (ad-hoc aftercare R20 till 13:00 and R1min thereafter)
    12:30 - Preschool (ad-hoc aftercare R20 till 13:00 and R1min thereafter)
    13:00 - Year 1-3 (ad-hoc aftercare R20 till 14:00 and R1min thereafter)
    14:00 - Year 4-7 (ad-hoc aftercare R20 till 15:00 and R1min thereafter)

  • DO realise that the children are presented materials in a specific manner by the directress and it would be confusing to your child if you tried naively to teach them (this can easily happen when children are ‘showing’ you things in the environment)
  • DO be consistent with your routines at home.  This helps your child make a secure start to their schooling. If your child feels tired, and needs a day off – let them take Monday or Friday so that consecutive days at school are accepted as the norm
  • DO send lunch or a light snack with your child to school, and if we are going on outings a disposable snack
  • DO remember
    – sunscreen and hats in summer
    – gumboots and slippers in winter
    – a change of clothing to be kept in their bags
    – mark their possessions with their names

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