• Montessori discipline is an inner discipline – control that the child develops over his own behaviour, through his interest in the Montessori materials, positive social orientation, and in caring for both the learning environment and other individuals.
  • Pinelands Montessori offers an educational program with freedom of movement for children, and freedom within limits for work choices.
  • Some children are more successful in an environment with a more direct instructional method of teaching.   Parents of children, who experience impulsive or aggressive behaviour, may be advised to seek a school that specializes in direct instruction.
  • If the ground rules are consistently followed and positively reinforced, the necessity of external discipline will be diminished.   When such external discipline is deemed necessary, the following guidelines will be observed:
    • Rules are stated on the child’s first day of school.
    • Daily reminders are given, if necessary, to the group as a whole.
    • Inappropriate behaviour is stopped by the Directress or Assistant.
    • If possible, work/activity is offered as preferable to isolation if the child appears to be ‘in control’.   However, if the child needs to regain control, he is isolated from work/classroom activities for a short time to re-think his/her behaviour; the child is then asked if he/she is ready to return to the class.
    • Problem solving skills are reinforced as well as suggestions for alternative behaviour choices.
    • Continued misbehaviour may mean the child is isolated from the group with adult supervision.
    • Parents will be called to discuss the child’s continued behaviour.
    • Parents will be called to take the child home immediately should aggressive uncontrollable or defiant behaviour persist. A conference will follow.
    • If the inappropriate, unwanted behaviour persists, suggestions will be made that an alternative school may better meet the needs of the child in question.
  • Policy regarding biting:
    • Biting is normal behaviour for some toddlers.
    • Toddler bites are not intentional.
    • Our staff supervises closely at all times and everything possible is done to keep all the children at our school safe and secure.
    • Just as falls and other minor mishaps cannot always be prevented, neither can all bites.
    • Injury reports are completed on all bites that leave a mark and other mishaps.
    • The parents of the children involved are informed of the incident.
    • When older children bite intentionally, the above disciplinary guidelines are followed.

Parents who have further questions about biting are invited to discuss the matter with us.

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